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Who is Katherine?

Katherine is a Registered Nurse and is passionate about healing and caring for people holistically. Katherine has worked in both the private and public health sectors in Tasmania, and has witnessed the bumpy journeys people experience (especially after an illness or diagnosis) when they try to regain a healthy balance in their lives, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Katherine is a highly tuned psychic with mediumship and healing abilities. Katherine has been offering Reiki Energy Healing professionally since 2020 and received her Reiki Master Teacher in early 2021. She has trained in the Western style USUI Reiki Healing. This practice works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines, chakras, auras, and spirit guides. Katherine believes and has experienced Reiki to be an excellent tool when used by itself and as a complement to other traditional medicine. It can improve the results of medical treatment, reduce its side effects and shorten healing time.

Each session with Katherine is unique and individualised to your needs.  During your treatment, Katherine will utilise her nursing and medical experience and psychic gifts; in addition to using tools such as crystals, oracle cards, pendulums, and singing bowls while channeling to unravel energetic blocks, clear your aura and chakras to create a ‘clean slate’ for you to start really healing.

Katherine will walk alongside you on your healing journey, giving you the tools, support, and skills you need in a nonjudgmental and nonbiased environment to promote and empower you to feel positive in moving yourself forward with your life, and, take responsibility for helping yourself for your highest and best 💜

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